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Post by Raven Darklore on Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:00 pm

Raven Darklore Rebecca_romijn_x-men_movie_transformations

Face Claim: Rebecca Romijn

Name: Raven Darklore

Alias: Mystique

Relationship: none

Age: A lady never tells

Job: English Teacher

Appearance: Naturally she has scaly blue skin and florescent green eyes.  Her hair hits to her top of her neck and is bright red.  The disguise she usually prefers is a light skinned woman with long wavy blond hair and light blue eyes.  The rest of her face and body is very similar to her blue self

Personality:  Raven thinks she is very caring and loving to those she feels are worthy like her foster daughter Rogue.  She can be very manipulative to get what she wants or get people to do what she wants.

History:  When Raven was born her skin was blue and immediately abandoned.  She survived on the streets for the majority of her life.  She learned to transform and learned to manipulate people to get what she needed to live.  She stole money and anything else she needed.  When living on the streets Raven had to to many unspeakable and deplorable things that she likes not to think on when she can avoid it.  Most of these things she keeps secret not wanting others to look down on her for any of those old actions.  She then chose to leave that life and manipulated her way into colleges and went to many schools earning multiple degrees fly under then radar for the most part.

Then one day in one of her disguises she was approached by two men.  Head Masters Xavier and Fury of Gothem Shield.  They had discovered her, but they didn't want to expose her, they wanted her to teach others who were like her.  People with powers that didn't feel like they fit in.  When she said she wouldn't know what to teach, they said they knew that one thing she took in every school she went too were the English classes and so they said that they would have her teach English to them.

She worked hard for them for three and a half years but as time passed she found herself feeling rather empty.  She found that speaking to Xavier helped her figure herself out.  He told her that he had located a young woman that, because of her powers was having to cut herself off from human contact and was in the foster system.  Xavier asked if Raven would be interested in taking the position of foster mother for the young girl.  Raven agreed quickly.  After meeting Rogue she loved her, she knew though that Rogue needed time to learn to trust her after all it took her years to trust even the people at the school enough to walk around in her natural skin.

Powers: shape shifter

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