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Post by Felicity Smoak on Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:55 pm

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Face Claim: Emily Bett Rickards

Name: Felicity Smoak

Alias: None

Relationship: none yet but a future with Oliver Queen

Age: 25

Job:  Computer Science teacher

Appearance:  Felicity has long flowing blond hair and bright blue eyes.  

Personality:  Felicity is sweet, understanding, kind and accepting of others.  But has a lower opinion of herself, when she compares to others not thinking she measures up in most aspects.  She gets extremely easy to fluster especially when around someone she finds attractive.

History:  Felicity grew up in an average middle class family and home.  Because of her extreme intellect Felicity found it difficult to make friends when she was young and all the way up into her senior year of high school.  Once she reached MIT she made some friends but because of her drive to do well in school she did not go out and party like most college students would.  

Before graduating Sumo Cum Laude she had multiple job offers but the one she found the most interesting was to teach at Gothem Shield school.  She now eagerly and nervously waits for the school year to begin.

Powers: computer genius/ hacker

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