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Post by Rachel Roth on Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:12 pm

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Face Claim: Ksenia Solo

Name: Rachel Roth

Alias: Raven

Relationship: none

Age: 16

Appearance:  Rachel has long straight black hair and electric blue eyes.  She is 5’4” with delicate looking curves and limbs.

Personality: Rachel keeps a lid on her emotions as much as possible considering how volatile she can be if left unchecked.  Because of her ability to sense others emotions she sometimes has difficulty distinguishing the difference between how she feels and how others feel.  Because of her clamping down on her emotions she has found herself relating more toward the gothic group because of them being in similar emotional states to herself.

History:  Rachel Roth was born a half-demon after Trigon raped her mother.  After her 3rd birthday Rachel began showing signs of incredible power, things breaking, flying around, all sorts of things.  Because of this her mother sent her away to learn to control her power from mystic monks.  When she turned 10 she planned returned to her mother but found her home in flames.  She went back to the monks who decided it was best to send her to another dimension to make it harder for her father to get to her.  She has lived at Gothem Sheild ever since.

Powers:  Magic and Empathic powers

Rachel Roth

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