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Post by Pietro Maximoff on Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:49 pm

Pietro Maximoff Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRtXl6NEXZqLy5oNDJz3TjwYIFlUb66ePs78YQHISRmONEDR26mvA

Face Claim: Bradly James

Name:  Pietro Maximoff

Alias: Quicksliver

Relationship: none yet but will with Rogue

Age: 17

Appearance:  Pietro is 6’ with a runners body of muscles, strong legs and core.  His hair is blond and while he usually keeps it neat it gets wind blown after he runs.

Personality:  Pietro has a kind of spoiled brat personality.  When he wants something he goes after it and won't stop until he has it.  

History:  Pietro was raised with his sisters Wanda and Lorna both of whom currently go to different schools then Pietro because he was getting into too much trouble.  After he started attending Gothem Shield the head masters wanted him to take up an after school activity.  At first he didn't want to do anything he didn't have to but after dealing with the teachers badgering him about picking something out.  So he finally began trying out for different sports teams.  Most of the time he would make the team but he doesn't push himself to try to focus on one sport and he certainly doesn't particularly care about becoming a team captain though some of the coaches say if he applies himself he would do very well.

Powers: super speed

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