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Post by Helena Berteneli on Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:10 pm

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Face claim: Summer Glou

Name: Helena Berteneli

Alias: Huntress

Relationship: On again off again Relationship with Tony Stark


Appearance:  Helena has long dark hair and a thin lithe frame.  She has full pouty lips and large large doe eyes.

Personality:  Helena is sarcastic and very confident in herself.  She's nice and sweet to those she likes, but if she has a rivalry with them then she acts like she doesn't like them as much as she really does.

Helena also is a strict Catholic. She goes to mass every Sunday and confession twice a week.  She also practices abstinence at her only form of birth control.

History:  Helena's father was a mob boss.  She was attending Gothem Shield at the time when her parents were murdered,when she was 8, but was home visiting them and witnessed their deaths.  She had been able to escape getting back to the school before she herself was attacked, and killed.  She has since spent the majority of her time at the school.  

While dealing with her parents death Helena became a major troublemaker.  Finally in her freshmen year the teachers gave her the choice join an after school activity or be kicked out of school.  After spending the majority of her life at Gothem Shield she took the offer and joined the cheer leading squad.

Helena's religious convictions have put stains on her romantic relationships.  This causes her to have an on again off again relationship with her most constant relationship partner Tony Stark.

Powers: great aim, speed and dexterity.

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